7 Best Remote Control LED Ceiling Lights

If you control your ceiling lights via the traditional wall switches, it’s high time you switch to remote-controlled LED ceiling lights. 

You could be controlling your lighting from the comfort of your recliner. There’s no need to walk to the wall every time you wish to adjust the ambiance of the room.

There’s a lot to go out there with different styles, options, and features, I saw it worth giving you some insights on the best remote control LED lights to install in your home.

Best Remote Control Ceiling Lights

If you’re short on time and just want to take the highlights, then here are a few of the best products to buy right now.

Taloya Smart LED Ceiling Light

Best RGB LED Light

Taloya Smart LED Ceiling Light

Exceptional features. Scale through 3000-6500k and RGB backlighting with 16 million colors. Dimmer and Timer.

DLLT Dimmable LED Ceiling Light

Best Flush LED Light

DLLT Dimmable LED Ceiling Light

Minimalist and affordable. 13-inch flush fixture with 24W LED offering 3000k-6000k color temperature. 

Reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan 24W LED

Best Fan LED Light

Reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan 24W LED

Stunning build quality and design. 3000k-5700k color temperature and 6 fan speeds from a quiet motor.

Choosing Remote Control LED Ceiling Lights

There are a few factors to consider when choosing remote control LED ceiling lights. Below are some of the primary considerations so you can get a head start in understanding some of the best features to include in your product choice. 


To control the remote LED ceiling lights, you need a wireless connection to pair the controller unit and the receiver unit in the ceiling lights. That is why you must ensure that your package specifies or includes the controller unit and the receiver unit attached with the package.

The typical wireless technologies for transmitting the radio waves from the controller to the receiver include:


Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology that transmits radio waves from the controller to the receiver within a short-range.

If you find remote LED ceiling lights that use Bluetooth connectivity in the market, be advised that you can only control a minimal number of lights within a range of up to 30 feet or shorter, depending on the obstacles. This will be plenty good enough for 99% of users, though.


Wi-Fi is not familiar to you. This form of wireless technology transmits commands in radio waves and then translates them into information that the receiver can execute. 

Ceiling lights using Wi-Fi connectivity are capable of operating at an extended range allowing you to control them from a central point.

Remote Controls

Some remote ceiling light packages come with a receiver but do not have a remote control unit. In this case, the manufacturer will specify the type of controller you can use to transmit instructions to the light receiver. These will be the typical connectivity devices we use in the modern home…namely:

Mobile Phone App

Instead of creating a physical controller, some manufacturers would design mobile phone apps that you can download from the Playstore for Android devices or Appstore for iOS devices.

If you pick this type of light, the manufacturer will provide give clear directions on installing the app, pairing it with the receiver, and using it. It’s really simple.

Voice Control Alexa or Google Assistant

Here’s the tech bit…Voice control Alexa is an online assistance technology that uses artificial intelligence to transmit instruction via speech. These verbal instructions operate the ceiling light…pretty cool. It is a similar story with the Google Assistant app.

You will probably already have at least one of these technologies in your home already, right? If not then why not…you’re missing out on loads of cool stuff here. “Alexa…just dim down those lights to chill out mode please…”

Remote Control Ceiling Light Features

Below are the features you are likely to find in most remote ceiling lights. With some really nice features to create a real diversity of mood lighting. Whether you looking for the best lighting color for studying, watching a movie, or the right color temperature when listening to your favorite music, these features offer you that versatility and control.

Color Temperature + RGB

Most remote LED ceiling bulbs have color temperature settings and RGB backlights to let you set the most comfortable color temperature and better ambiance. Typically, color temperatures within 2700-3000K are considered warm colors, while those exceeding 5000K are considered cold. 

If you’re using your room to work or do practical stuff, then you might like a clear cool white light. On the flip side, warm whites will lend themselves to a more relaxing calm ambiance, which is great for evenings watching TV or having dinner with friends.

The RGB colors bring a rainbow of options to you. I love these features and so do my kids. When we listen to music, we usually go kaleidoscopic and play around with the RGB color schemes. So, this is great for music fans, gamers, movie lovers, or anyone looking to create a colorful vibe. 

Sync to Music Control

Sync to Music control is a nice feature that lets you set the light colors motion to pulsate with the rhythm of music, movies, or other sound generated by a device within reach of the receiver’s microphone. 

There are specialist Music Sync LED lighting systems if this feature is a priority for you. 

Schedule Timer

Schedule timers for most remote ceiling lights will allow you to set the lights to switch on and off at designated times to save energy.

LED Brightness

The power output in Watts W usually determines the maximum brightness of your led. However, the true measure of brightness is measured in Lumens. The higher the number of lumens the brighter the light. 

This is a further complication with the ability to change the LED bulb of a light fixture and therefore adjust the maximum brightness. However, to avoid this complication, all of the products on my shortlist have a dimmable setting allowing you to adjust brightness levels via the remote control.

Dimmable Lighting

The dimmable lighting feature means that you can reduce the brightness in your room using the remote control to meet your specific light needs. 

Mains powered Vs. Battery-Operated Wireless lights

The remote ceiling lights can either be powered from the electricity mains or powered by batteries. The mains-powered ceiling lights are generally more expensive and brighter than their battery-powered counterparts.

Just to be clear remote control LED lights are not classed as wireless, as they are wired into the mains electricity. However, you do not need a wired on/off switch. 

You might be thinking why would you want a battery-powered LED ceiling light? Well…there are some circumstances that suit this. Primarily where there isn’t a suitable mains powers supply located at the exact point where you wish to place the light fixture. 

Ceiling Mounting Type

  • Flush: Lights that sit directly against the ceiling
  • Semi-flush: Fixed to ceiling with a small gap between the ceiling and the fixture
  • Hanging: Lights suspended by a cord, metal rod, or a chain
  • Fan Ceiling Lights: Lights incorporated into a ceiling fan

Best Remote-Control Ceiling Lights Reviews

This is where we can look at some of the best remote-controlled LED ceiling light fixtures, offering a broad range of features and designs. 

The selection criteria include product features, build quality, lighting performance, design aesthetics, and value for money. So, let’s get into the product reviews section.


  • An amazing 16 million RGB color backlighting settings
  • Full range of color temperature adjustments between 3000k-6500k
  • Very easy to install, wire it in and use Smart Phone App, Google Assist or Alexa to control


  • Does not ship with purpose built remote control unit. Need smart phone app or in home connectivity such as Alexa

If you are looking for a feature-packed remote control LED ceiling light then this is where your search will end. Taloya Smart 24W LED ceiling Light with RGB has an incredible array of options. 

Let’s start by setting out the single downside to this lighting unit. It can only be controlled through a SmartPhone app, Alexa, or Google Assist. There is no separate purpose-built hand unit remote control supplied. Now, this does have its upside…

Using the smartphone app you can scale through the whole color temperature range from 3000k right through to 6500k finding any level of color warm you can imagine. 

The same applied to the RGB backlighting. There are 16 million colors to scale through that create amazing backlighting of your ceiling and room walls. It really does need to be seen so check out this short demonstration video below:

The 12-inch LED lighting unit offers more…brightness control between 10%-100%, as well as a timer meaning you can control the lighting features on a schedule. This is a superb feature as a security measure so lighting comes on whilst you are on vacation to create the impression someone is home. 

For around $50 the Taloya Smart delivers on all fronts. It is lightweight and very easy to install and offers 2000 Lumen of light. Not to mention a limitless number of features.

Check Taloya Smart LED Ceiling Light latest price here.


  • Affordable minimalist flush fit LED ceiling light with a good range of features
  • 3000k, 4500K and 6000k adjustable color temperature. 
  • Stand alone remote control supplied


  • Anyone looking for a very bright light might need 35W

The modern dimmable lights by DLLT Green Energy are your go-to option if you are looking for flush LED lights with adjustable brightness and color temperature. You can adjust their brightness through the remote control that comes with this package.

This light allows for three colors of temperature adjustment, including 3000k warm white, 4000k neutral white, and 6000k cold white. This gives a nice range of options to find a warms to suit all occasions.

It is also worth noting that when you adjust the color temperature of a LED light it will by definition reduce the brightness. I liked the level of light on this warm setting as it gave me the mood I was looking for. 

However, if you need a very bright warm light then this 24W model may not be enough. Perhaps something like the DLLT 48W model below will be more suited.

The remote control can control multiple light units within a distance of 26 feet. Talking of which this light can sufficiently illuminate an area of 130 to 140 square feet which is a medium-sized room. Anything larger or perhaps an elongated-shaped room will need multiple units. 

The DLL’s flush mount light has 2835 LED chips, which makes it 80% more energy-efficient than the conventional halogen lights.

This is a great LED ceiling light that will appeal to a huge range of people. It’s light enough to install without any issues, it has plenty of features and it’s really affordable at under $40. Not to mention its aesthetics which is clean, modern, and looks great.

Check out DLLT Flush Fit LED Ceiling Light on Amazon.com.


  • Stunning quality LED Ceiling Fan with excellent fan  and light features
  • 3 color temperature 3000k, 5700k and a setting for both giving off 4500k
  • A very quiet fan motor powers 6 wind speed settings
  • Perfect for rooms between 12×12 ft up to 18×18 ft


  • Premium price, but with the quality of this product it is justified

The Reiga 52-inch Ceiling Fan with LED lights is an amazing light unit with both fan and LED function being controlled by way of a remote control handset. On opening the box and picking this product up you know you are handling a high-quality lighting unit. 

The fan is beautifully sculpted and provides a walnut finish. This is mounted on a chrome ceiling rose and down rod, that is adjustable between 6”-10” allowing you to vary the hang. In the center is a 24W LED light unit (2,000 Lumen) that has three color temperature settings ranging from 3000k to 5700k.

The handheld remote control is simple and easy to use and comes supplied with batteries included. Installation was straightforward if you follow the instruction, but to be honest, it is slightly more involved than many of the standard flush ceiling-mounted light units. 

The fan motor is quiet, yet produces a surprising amount of air movement. With 6 settings it can push 5414 CFM of air which is ample and I would suggest the lower setting will be best for most people.

This truly is a unique and high-quality product that is certain to make a modern and stylish statement in your home.

Check Reiga 52-in Ceiling FAN with LED Light latest price on Amazon.com.


  • Energy-efficient given the 460 LED chips
  • Has 7 RGB backlights to create different moods
  • 3600 Lumen giving off plenty of light for larger rooms


  • Can’t sufficiently light area that is larger than 390 square feet

Featuring a high-quality plastic and polycarbonate shell, the 36W ceiling lights by Oeegoo offer the best way to light your space without the risk of electric shock, short-circuiting or electric leakage.

The efficiency of these lights is further enhanced because you can adjust their brightness and light color temperature within the range of 10% to 100% and 3000k to 6500k, respectively. And, this is only possible with the help of the Oregon remote attached to the package.

Another reason you might like the flush mount ceiling lights by Oeegoo is their double light options. The white ceiling lights feature 460 LED chips which account for 90% more energy-saving than incandescent lamps.

The other color option is the RGB color option, which offers seven different colors in a cycling mode to create an ambiance for different occasions. The 3600 lumens that the lights produce can illuminate 390 square feet enough to cover larger rooms.

Check this RGB LED Ceiling light price on Amazon.


  • Energy-efficient lights given the high power 2835 chips
  • Durable LED lights


  • Not compatible with Google ALEXA

Get the interior décor you have always dreamt of by installing the dimmable 48W, 20-inch ceiling lights by DLLT. The 20″ lights by DLLT feature a blend of high-quality aluminum, acrylic, and baked paint construction design to assure you of longevity and resistance from corrosion and cracking.

Another amazing feature of the flush-mounted DLLT lights is their 2835 led chips that the DLLT lights save energy up to 80% more than the conventional halogen lights. This is not to mention their CRI90+ rating, meaning they render the more accurate color of objects.

Better still, you can control the brightness and the light color temperature via a wireless remote control that comes with the light’s package. The lights are ideal for 225 to 246 square feet and can last up to 50,000 hours. They are hardwired to the electricity main electricity supply.

Check the latest price for the DLLT 48W LED Remote Control light here


  • High quality durable flush fit light unit
  • Energy-efficient given the 3030 LED chips with 
  • 3000k-6000k color temperature settings


  • Not compatible with Google ALEXA

The modern dimmable 30W LED ceiling light by DLLT is another flush mount lighting that you can install in your indoor space. Made of nickel and acrylic material, the DLLT’s 13.31-inch lights are durable, offering up to 50,000 hours of service.

Construction aside, the 30W lights by DLLT feature a3030 LED chips that account for 85% more energy-saving than halogen lamps. Better still, you can adjust the light’s dimness and the color temperature within the range of 20%-100% and 3000k -6000k, respectively.

The lights are ideal for illuminating bedrooms, kitchens, living areas, and any other space whose area falls between 180 to 210 square feet.

Check the latest price of this 30W Remote Controlled LED light here


  • Energy-efficient given the timer function
  • Easy to install using the attached manual


  • The remote control cannot control lights beyond the span of 20 feet.

The final remote ceiling light on our list is the battery-powered wireless lights by BigLight. The smart lights by BigLight offer four lighting modes and 12 color modes, which you can control their brightness and select the preferred light color with the help of remote control.

Besides the controls for light modes, the remote also features dimmer buttons that allow you to dim the lights to your preferred brightness.

The inbuilt timer function is also included in the lights, which allows you to send the lights to turn off automatically by tapping the 1/2/3/4/ timer buttons on the remote.

The 3C batteries (sold separately) that power the lights are very durable.

The lights are easy to install. You can fit the lights in any space, including the kitchen, bathroom, bed side, corridor, hallway, stairway, etc.

Check the latest price of the BigLight here on Amazon.

Verdict: Best Remote Control LED Ceiling Light

Now that you know various remote LED ceiling light options, it’s now your turn to pick your preferred options. For me, there was little doubt in that overall functionality, features, and performance Taloya Smart LED Ceiling Light is the best option out there. 

Taloya Smart LED Ceiling Light

Best RGB LED Light

Taloya Smart LED Ceiling Light

Exceptional features. Scale through 3000-6500k and RGB backlighting with 16 million colors. Dimmer and Timer.

Exceptional features. Scale through 3000-6500k and RGB backlighting with 16 million colors. Dimmer and Timer.

If you prefer something a little more stylish and modern then this amazing Reiga Ceiling Fan with 24W LED light is perfect. Built with real care and quality and looks incredible.

Reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan 24W LED

Best Fan LED Light

Reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan 24W LED

Stunning build quality and design. 3000k-5700k color temperature and 6 fan speeds from a quiet motor.

Stunning build quality and design. 3000k-5700k color temperature and 6 fan speeds from a quiet motor.