Best Outdoor Step Lights | LED, Solar, Motion Sensor

One of the best ways to add a dash of vibrancy around the entrance to your home is by adding step lights. Somehow, they just bring a sense of luxury and class, as well as provide practical lighting to illuminate the walkways around your home.

There are several technologies, styles, and configurations available to choose from, so I am going to break it down for you. Allowing you to pick the best outdoor step lights without the risk of picking the wrong type.

Best Outdoor Step Lights

Hykolity 3W LED Outdoor Step Light 1

Best Low Voltage Step Light

Hykolity 3W LED Outdoor Step Light

Stylish, elegant these flush fit step 3W LED downlights are the perfect Low Voltage 3000k warm white light

JackyLed 2V Outdoor LED Solar Step Lights

Best Solar Step Lights

JackyLed 2V Outdoor LED Solar Step Lights

Great quality stainless steel, 6000k cool white solar step lighting. Auto on-off. 8 pack.

Ring Solar Outdoor Step Lights

Best Motion Sensor Step Light

Ring Solar Outdoor Step Lights

Motion-activated 3500k LED step lights. Smartphone app-controlled. Network with Ring Doorbell or security camera.

Outdoor Step Lighting Power

The first thing to come to terms with is power…I mean lighting needs a power source. But did you know there are four different ways to get that light to shine?

  • 120V Mains Power
  • 12V Low Voltage 
  • Solar Power
  • Battery-Power

As you would imagine each of these power sources has pros and cons so let me introduce you to the options before you look at some of the awesome lighting options available to you.

120V Outdoor Step Lights

120V lighting is powered via your home’s mainline electricity. This will often mean you will need the help of a professional installer to link up the wiring to your existing 120V electrical junction. 

In most countries, 120V cable will need to be suitably protected from harm’s reach. For example, running cable underground in your garden will require a metal conduit at least 18-inches deep. So, my point is it will require professional installation and potentially some quite involved landscaping. 

But…what are you getting with 120V outdoor lighting that could be worth this much trouble. Well, you will get brightness and the possibility of extended runs of lighting. But to be honest for outdoor step lighting and in fact, most LED-based outdoor lighting, it is no longer necessary to go to this much trouble to get good results. 

Just use 12V Low Voltage Lighting…What’s that I hear you ask

12V Low Voltage Lights

12V Low Voltage Outdoor lighting is a simplified DIY option. You can buy the kit and install it yourself. It’s basically a plug-and-play product.

The system or kit will consist of a number of LED light units, lengths of power cable with a standard outlet 2 or 3 pin plug, and a power transformer. 

You plug it into your home’s power outlet and the kit’s in-built power transformer converts 120V into a 12V Low Voltage current. This allows the average Joe to use the system without professional qualifications. It’s very simple.

The 12V Low Voltage system is weatherproof, child and pet safe, and if you accidentally cut through the cable whilst working you won’t get a 120V shock!

The combined advantage of LED features with low voltage gives this lighting a competitive edge over many other products. LED technology currently has more energy-efficient lights than ever and produces similar light levels without needing replacement.

12V lighting advantages over 120V:

  • Works well in wet locations
  • Easier to install
  • No risk to pets or children
  • Less expensive
  • No conduit required

Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights have a wide application and benefit commercial and residential properties. These outdoor lights can offer a range of design applications. 

The primary advantage of outdoor solar lighting is that it is an eco-friendly option and is even greener than 12V Low Voltage Lighting. It helps you cut down on your carbon footprint and uses eco-friendly materials.

Their disadvantage compared to 12V lighting is three-fold:

  1. They are not as bright as 12V LED lights
  2. They are dependent on 8 hours of good daylight to recharge
  3. They do not tend to have a single on /off switch to control all lighting units from one switch

On the positive side, they are energy-free, meaning they have zero running costs. The light they do produce is sufficient for the low light needs of outdoor step lighting. They will need to be installed on steps that are West or South facing, to make sure they pick up enough charge throughout the daytime. 

Battery Powered Lighting

Your outdoor patio, walkway, or porch are excellent places to install step lighting. Sometimes, you need to illuminate an area where there is no electrical outlet and does not have sufficient direct sunlight to charge solar-powered lights. 

In that case, what do you do? Well…you use battery powers step lights. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and can be located just about anywhere you need them.

The obvious downside is having to replace batteries once they run down. 

Outdoor Step Lighting Features

When choosing the best outdoor step lights for your home there are a number of features and functions available. So let me explain what a few of the more common features are and when they are useful. This will allow you to compare the product available and choose the right one for you. 


Outdoor Step Lights need to withstand all weather types, including rainstorms and blizzards. It may sound obvious but make sure you choose a waterproof product. It is easy to get confused with indoor step lights that are not weatherproof. 

All of the products reviewed below are purpose-designed for outdoor use and are therefore weatherproof. 

Color Temperature

Color Temperature is the tint of the outdoor step light. While some may emit a cool blue light, others may output a warm yellow light. 

Basically the lower the number the warmer the color. So 2000k is a warm yellow-white, and 6000k is cool white light. By definition, the white light or cooler lighter offers a brighter tone. 

color temperature chart
Color Temperature

But perhaps more important is to match the color temperature to any other outdoor lighting already in place. The last thing you want is Cool white lights on your path and warm white step lights on your patio steps. 

Brightness Lumens

In the past, wattage was the unit of measurement to determine a light bulb’s brightness. LED technology is changing this perspective due to its low wattage while maintaining brightness. Currently, lumens measure a bulb’s light output, and the higher the lumens, the brighter the light output.


Dimmable step lights allow you to adjust the bulb’s output to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere at any time. The ability to control your outdoor lighting also helps cut costs on power bills.

Dawn-Dusk Timer

A dawn to dusk timer allows you to configure your outdoor step lights to come on and off at different hours of the day. It is worth pointing out that some LED bulbs don’t require a dawn to dusk Timer to function correctly. These lights use photocell sensors to turn off during the day and on at night.

Motion Sensor Activated

This feature allows an outdoor step light to react to movement thanks to a motion sensor in the product. This light often stays on for as long as it senses movement. It can also help to deter intruders and save energy consumption.

Best Outdoor Step Lights Review

I have shortlisted a number of outdoor step lights with 12V Low Voltage, Solar, or Battery Power. All of which are weatherproof and suitable for DIY home installation.

My criteria for selection include, overall build quality and appearance, features, and value for money. 

Best Outdoor Step Lights
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  • Power:12V Low Voltage
  • Watts: 3W
  • Color Temp: 3000k
  • Motion Control: Not specified 
  • Pcs Per Pack: 6
  • Remote Control: Not specified
  • Material: Aluminum


  • High-quality cast aluminum build, weather-resistant
  • Easy DIY installation, for steps, walkways, a great downlight
  • 10-year warranty


  • Not dimmable

This product is a cast aluminum step light that is weatherproof from -13F conditions to 110F. It is free of maintenance, easy to install and use, and provides a welcoming 300k light ideal for accenting driveways, steps, or stairs.

The flush design of these lights fits perfectly under the lip of the step and casts a nice pool of warm light. You get 6 units per pack and we installed 2 packs (12 lights) with great effect. The unit measure 5.5 inches by 3.3 inches. 

As with most 12V Low Voltage lighting kits, the lighting unit simply snaps into place onto the main power wire by way of a 15-inch tail. This allows for a great deal of flexibility as to how you wish to space the lights, you can use one on every step, or perhaps you prefer every second step. 

If you are looking for an outdoor led step light that will fit flush under your step lip, these are a fantastic choice. They are classy, discrete and so simple to install. Check out the latest price for Hykolity 12V Outdoor Step Light on

JackyLed 2V Outdoor LED Solar Step Lights
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  • Power: Solar
  • Watts: 0.2W
  • Color Temp: 6000k
  • Motion Control: No
  • Pcs Per Pack: 8
  • Remote Control: No 
  • Material: Stainless steel + PC


  • Great quality stainless steel, 6000k cool solar step lighting
  • Automatic charge, Automatic switch on and off
  • Easy DIY install, no wires needed
  • Excellent for the environment


  • Not as bright as 12V lighting

The JackyLed Solar Step Light is ideal for outdoor use and comes with a polycrystalline silicon panel to efficiently absorb energy from the sun for up to eight hours daily. It also has a nickel-metal hydride 1000mAh battery that improves the standard 200-600 mAh outdoor solar lights on the market, providing up to ten hours of light.

The product charges automatically and will turn on at night or during inclement weather and switch off in the daytime. It is IP44 rated and will work in the most extreme conditions from 14F to 122F or -10C to 50C. 

The JackyLed Solar light is suitable for deck, fence, garden, and stairs and doesn’t require wiring to install. Say goodbye to electricity bills with this Solar light that comes with a one-month money-back guarantee for any reason.

Check the latest price of JackyLed Outdoor Solar Step Lights on

Ring Outdoor Solar Step Light Motion-Sensor Kit 

Best Motion Sensor Step Lights

Ring Outdoor Solar Step Light Motion-Sensor Kit 
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  • Power: Solar
  • Watts: Not specified
  • Color Temp: 3500k
  • Motion Control: Yes
  • Pcs Per Pack: 2
  • Remote Control: Yes (via app)
  • Material: not specified


  • Works with Alexa and part of a Ring Smart Home bridge with ring doorbell and security camera
  • Motion-activated
  • Easy DIY installation in 5 minutes


  • Expensive to use in a large number

Ring makes it into the list with its motion-activated Solar Step Light that you can control with a phone app. If you use these lights in various outdoor locations around your home, you can control each independently through the app. 

They also product work well with the Ring doorbell camera and have a starter kit to allow you to use innovative features like the Ring Smart Lights. 

The Ring app is easy to set up and control, enabling you to receive mobile notifications and customize your preferences. This product is rated IP66 and works well in -4 F up to 122 F.

Each light produces 50 lumens of 3500k light with an auto shut-off feature. If you’re looking for a product to take you closer to achieving a technological Smart Home then this Ring product is the ideal choice. 

Check the latest price of Ring’s Motion Activated Step Lights here at

GkolLed Low Voltage 3W Outdoor LED Step Lights
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  • Power: 12V Low Voltage
  • Watts: 3W
  • Color Temp: 2700k
  • Motion Control: Not specified
  • Pcs Per Pack: 6
  • Remote Control: No
  • Material: Aluminum


  • A neat flush louver design step light 
  • A nice warm 2700k color LED light
  • This unit produces a very bright light output for its size


  • Not put together as well as the Hykolity 12V lights

This product offers your home a soft 2700k light that illuminates with a louver plate. The aluminum is durable and powder-coated for a matte finish. 30pcs LED chips to provide more than 50,000 hours of light.

With an IP65 rating, this step light provides reliable weatherproof performance and is supported by a manufacturer’s five-year warranty.

These are great lights to sit flush on the back of outdoor steps. The louver cover panel does not take away any light from the LED brightness. In fact, this unit gives off a very good amount of light.

However, in terms of build quality, I felt the Hykolity lights were more worthy of the best low voltage step light. 

Check the latest price of GkolLed Outdoor Step Lights here. 

Sunvie 12-24V Low Voltage 5W LED Step Lights 3000k
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  • Power: 12V Low Voltage
  • Watts: 5W
  • Color Temp: 3000k
  • Motion Control: No
  • Pcs Per Pack: 12
  • Remote Control: No
  • Material: Aluminum


  • This LED downlight is ideal for use on outdoor steps, decking, or walkways
  • 5W LED produces a bright light by comparison to most 12V systems 
  • Simple installation


  • Nothing significant

This Sunvie 4-inch downlight is a landscape light with an eyebrow cover and a frosted lens. It outputs the optimum light amount without glare and is ideal for steps, stairs, patio, fences, walkways, and hardscape. 

It is simple to use and works with a 12V to 24 AC/DC low voltage to save energy bills. An IP65 rating provides durability, with a waterproof design that works exceptionally well in wet locations. 

The LED chips provide approximately 50,00 hours of light. However, you’ll need a transformer to convert 110V to 12V-24V. 

As with all of our 12V lights on review it is very easy to install with a 5W LED producing a lot of light compared to most step lights.

Cloudy Bay Outdoor 12V Low Voltage LED Step Light
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  • Power: 12V Low Voltage
  • Watts: 3W
  • Color Temp: 3000k
  • Motion Control: No
  • Pcs Per Pack: 6
  • Remote Control: No
  • Material: Bronze


  • Switch between 3000k, 4000k, or 5000k color temperature
  • CRI90+ for rendering lighting closer to the object’s true color


  • Not put together as well as the Hykolity 12V lights

Cloudy Bay provides an upgrade to its step light with the LED light positioned downwards to prevent glare. The product is weatherproof and produces 55 lumens of light.

A feature I really appreciated with these outdoor LED step Lights is the ability to switch between 3 color temperatures, 3000k, 4000k, and 5000k. 

Another nice feature of this product is its CRI90+ rating that renders light close to its authentic color, thereby providing more natural lighting than many alternative products. 

Check out the latest price of Cloudy Bay Outdoor LED Step Lights

Where to Use Outdoor Step Lights

Outdoor Step Lights have many applications for your home, and these include:

Exterior Entrance Steps

You can install this light in the exterior entrance steps to illuminate your home and give it that “candlelit dinner” feel. On the more practical side, these lights illuminate the entrance steps to prevent tumbles and falls.

Garden Steps

Installing an outdoor step light is one way to as a touch of flair to your garden walkways. Depending on your theme, you can also use it to make your garden feel warm or sophisticated. In this situation, solar step lighting may be the best option.

Decking Steps

Deck step lights enhance your security and make your home look more inviting when you’re entertaining. It elevates the overall outdoor aesthetics and improves the ambiance of your deck.

Patio Steps

The Patio step light brightens the front of the home and helps people safely enter and exit the house.

Outdoor Step Light vs. Indoor Stairs Lights

You’d be hard-pressed to compare both because they function differently and use different lighting products. But it’s worth a mention so you don’t accidentally buy the wrong type of lighting. 

Indoor Stair Light

Indoor stair lights function inside the home, and as a result, it doesn’t have an IP rating because it doesn’t endure the same level of weather abuse as outdoor step lighting. 

Consequently, indoor stair lights cost less and exclusively require hard wiring to function compared to outdoor step lights that may use solar or battery power. 

Outdoor Step Light

Outdoor step lights are durable and built to withstand extreme weather conditions. These lights use different energy sources, including 12V Low Voltage, solar, and battery power. 

Intended to illuminate walkway steps and entrances. They provide security against intruders and burglars. Outdoor step lights are far more expensive than their indoor stair light counterparts due to the weatherproof materials and construction.  

Verdict: Best Outdoor Step Lights

Based on form, function, and overall value for money the Hykolity 3W LED Outdoor Step Light is my recommendation for anyone looking for 12V Low voltage outdoor step lights. They’re very well made and fit perfectly under the lip of your steps.

Hykolity 3W LED Outdoor Step Light 1

Best Low Voltage Step Light

Hykolity 3W LED Outdoor Step Light

Stylish, elegant these flush fit step 3W LED downlights are the perfect Low Voltage 3000k warm white light

The JackyLed 2V Outdoor LED Solar Step Lights are the best option for solar-powered step lights. You can install these units near walkways and on steps where there is no power supply and still get a bright and effective illumination.

JackyLed 2V Outdoor LED Solar Step Lights

Best Solar Step Lights

JackyLed 2V Outdoor LED Solar Step Lights

Great quality stainless steel, 6000k cool white solar step lighting. Auto on-off. 8 pack.