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Ben Hilton – Editor


Since graduating in 1999, I dreamt of working on large-scale Home Improvement projects. Having done it…I can now share that knowledge with you.

Editorial Policy

Our editorial policy requires all content written by or for the yard and garden to follow our strict editorial guidelines and writer briefs. Each piece of content is subjected to fact-checks by our editorial team. Statistics, claims, and data will often be used within the articles we publish, we aim to cite all sources of information with reference to credible sources.

Our creative team produces in-house images to support your publications. From time to time we may use an image from an external source, images available in the public domain may not always be cited. Images used with a Creative Commons license will be cited for your reference.

Our editorial team has the objective of producing publications that are market-leading, offering our readers value, trust and expertise in our market segments.